Originally posted on Mike's Manic Word Depot:
i’m my own dopplegänger, an ill fitting, clumsy suit of meat controlled by parasitical aspirations myopic and confused stuttering against the flow of words to define what it means to be drowning in a shallow pool of depression struggling to find the words falling failing flailing hopelessly…

Please, Kiss Me Again

your lips pressed to mine ignites molten flames, memories of futures unseen your breath in my lungs sends shivers down my spine, ghosts haunting somehow they cause my thighs to spread wide, a flower opening, petals glistening with sweet nectar, beckoning you, come pollinate, press yourself deep, deeper, reaching all my sweetest unreached parts pluck […]

Sacred Secret

The you in my mind Perhaps become something Not akin to the you in the flesh I pictured you there: You never betrayed me You never left me standing here You never shredded my heart Nope For you always caressed my lips Held my hand Clung to me like a man drowning Inhaled my soul […]