looking deep into your beautiful eyes I am lost and I am found I become more than I was before my body burns for you with each touch I crave more more never enough wrap your arms around me and hold me tight let my heart beat with yours as one always one I desire […]

Hatcheted – Collaboration

Writing with Anthony has been curiously entrancing. His dark, provocative style works incredible images in my mind. He has a way of looking at things sideways and perhaps through a mirror. Maybe a bit like Picasso. Check him out over at hands in the garden. A fever has overtaken my addled mind. My flushed skin […]


My lips burn to say the words I love you It almost doesn’t seem fair Dragging you down to me See you’re wonderful Incredible Amazing Not perfect but you’re simply you And I contaminate you with my filth My sins and my darkness I’m selfish I want you But if you’re pure light I’m tar […]


She crawled from the waves on a moonlit night, abandoning her world of wet How many years she’d spent watching others live their lives from beneath the surface Close yet aloof, necessarily separate A young couple passing by holding hands, their life together just begun, giggles and sighs, long drawn out kisses, dreams spilling from […]

How It Feels – Collaboration

When The Stories In Between asked if I’d like to murder him, you’d think I’d be put-off, perhaps surprised, but instead, in my twisted mind, I was immediately picturing stabbing him over and over. hhhmmmm… Is this something I should share with you? Maybe not. But I just did anyway. Listen. He’s one of the […]


This hurts, my lover I want so much to be in your arms To have you hold me Stroke my hair Ease the torment of my disease To have you look into my eyes And for once, for even a moment The agony would relent All the pasts forgotten, forgiven My spirit freed That ache […]


Cover me in your blanket of stars Allow your light to kiss my cheeks Surround me by your dark embrace Cradle your palm beneath my chin Absorb my shuddering pale knees Bleach out my bare brittle bones Scour away my self-taught lies Infuse my heart with redeeming faith Believe in my capacity to learn Compose […]