Revisiting Contentment and Happiness

Working through my current issues of depression, I’ve been soul-searching, attempting to put a finger on what the underlying issue is. I was reading a fellow blogger’s website earlier and he mentioned getting attuned to the underlying issues and remembering that there is no “fix” but to accept what is and to embrace those failings. […]

Hollow Cravings

I detest my weakness how much I need you how much I miss you how often I think about you you’re like a drug to my brain every little taste I get buoys me higher for a little while until I float back down and settle my feet on reality again and keep walking until […]

Crimson Lines

Warning: content contains imagery that may be a trigger for some regarding suicide. Read with care. scratching across the surface of my skin this blade feels like hell like heaven again and again tracing the lines of red mesmerized by its increasing thickness and depth a row of crimson line after line all in a […]

Wash Away

pushing my face beneath the shower head may this warm water wash away all my tears and doubts and regrets and worries and longings that reside within my soul cascading down my cheeks and throat across my breasts and stomach over my thighs and knees and straight down the drain could it be possible? to […]

PS: I Miss You

Remember those days and nights when we used to text each other every minute that we had? I do. When we shared every little stupid insignificant thing and it was mildly embarrassing but still I did it anyway. Telling you all the worst parts of me. I figured if you knew all the dumb stuff […]

On My Skin – NSFW

I close my eyes and what I see is your hands on my skin. You know just how to touch me. To make me feel wanted. Owned. Needed. I can’t help but become instantly aroused at your every small touch. The casual slide of a finger as I pass or the bruising smack of my […]