No More Running

The thought came to me, as it so often does during the dark nights of my soul, to just run away. I have always been a logical thinker, bypassing the heart – as it’s a known liar. And yet, somewhat recently I found my One True Love and Soulmate and all logical thinking seemingly went […]

Heart Vision

Some months ago I fasted for what ended up being a total of 42 days. During that time I, as I sometimes do, had several intense visions and thoughts. Since I’ve been pondering True Love and old love, I want to share one of these visions which, as the case was, literally knocked me flat […]

In My Mind

In my mind constantly run thoughts of you I gaze through the window of time at memories  of your bare skin beneath my fingertips  of your smile directed toward me of your eyes kind, gentle, hungry of your arms strong and wrapped around me In my eyes constantly run tears of loneliness  my body aches […]

Night Reflections

As I lay in his arms and he quietly speaks sweet things to me – “you’re beautiful” – “you make me happy” – “my Love” – I wonder if he’s ever said those words to another. If perhaps there is a different woman out there who has been on the receiving end of his all-encompassing […]

No More Games, PleaseĀ 

You know what? Fuck this I’m not gonna keep sitting around Moping Waiting You want to talk to me? Fine, let’s talk You wanna ignore me? I’m done sitting around waiting For a non-existent conversation  To happen Because apparently  We’ve said all there is to say All that remains are  I love you’s  Status updates […]

Dark Spaces

Spiraling down My mind takes over  Truth versus lies I can’t keep going Make things simple End it all That helps nothing Hurts everyone Darkness overtakes This hurts so damn much My chest is hollow Tears soak my hands and pillow Can’t I be enough? Say you’ll come back Never leave again Terror grips my […]