The more I know of you The more I want. Your words Stir up embers of passion They ignite my imagination. My soul longs to be with yours. This distance is so far. But what is distance to love? Still My heart strings are held Within your trembling grasp. I can’t ignore this I don’t […]

Midnight Longing

I woke up, thought of you, always thoughts of you. I pulled up your pictures. I can’t tear my eyes away from your beautiful face. Your beautiful soul. My body quivered. My heart raced. My pussy drenched. I stroked myself with abandon looking into your gorgeous eyes, even if a poor copy of them. I […]

Dark Embrace

I can feel them, the icy cold hands, my inner demons. They’ve taken a hold and are pulling me down. I don’t think I can fight them this time. I’m not strong enough. Not only am I not strong enough but the old doubts have risen with them as well. What’s the point? What’s it […]

Drifting Away

I can feel myself floating Lifting up Drifting away From myself My realities My heart, my mind They are far, far away from here My body may go through Motions But neither Are in it I can imagine A different life A different meeting of souls A different outcome It’s one where me and you […]

Breakfast – NSFW

“Breakfast is ready!” I called from my place in the kitchen. He told me he was famished this morning, would I please make him something to eat. Oh, I’ve got something for him to eat, all right. He stumbled down the hall, not fully awake, boxers hanging off his ass in that haphazard way of […]

Blue Eyes in the Rain

As I hurried ‘round the bend Of the wooded trail near my home I came upon her standing there In the pouring down rain Her face turned up Toward the clouded grey sky I stepped back into the shadows My eyes could scarce look away as She stood there absolutely naked Exposed Alone Vulnerable Her […]


My fingers are slick with passion as I lay here thinking about you imagining your scent masculine your skin soft your arms surrounding your voice demanding your fingers clutching your body flexing your hands guiding your nails digging your hips pounding your muscles shuddering relaxing embracing your breath slowing My fingers are slick with passion […]