Slow Little Deaths

A while ago but not so far back You used to write of your love for me I go back and read those sweet lyrics And wonder what became of that love Did it fade? Disappear? It’s been a long time (for me) Since you’ve written out those feelings Now you text me a little […]

Press In

Press in closer to me, Lover I need to feel you The warmth of your skin Pressure from your hands The softness of your lips Expressions of desire and love Press in tighter Let our bodies become one Flowing and moving In a dance as old as time That never grows weary, always gets better […]


Glancing about the house I am inundated with You Just you I can see the ghost of you Sitting at the table Cards in hand Ready for my next move A glass of water and a pile of wrappers A smile on your beautiful face Looking over my shoulder To the couch I see your […]

I Want You – NSFW

upon waking this morning all I could think about was you your body your hands your lips your hard cock and my mouth on you last night was incredible and I want a repeat you let me rub myself all over you you let me taste you you were hard and ready for me I […]


Your love makes me high When you’re lying next to me And you’re pressed up against me And your hand slides across my skin Over my hip and down my thigh I can feel myself floating Oh how I long for your touch Your voice in my ear Telling me exactly what you want I […]

To Fly

Will you come and rescue me Swoop in Lift me with your strong wings Carry me away Cradle me Protect me Yes carry me far, far away To your distant home Cover me with your words Caress me with your brilliance Tear away my insecurities Replace them with gentle truths Revive me with your embrace […]

Let Me – NSFW

Lay back my Love Let me take care of you No, don’t say a word Just let me love you My hands caressing your soft skin My fingers in your hair Bringing my lips to yours Momentarily before slowly moving Down your body Stroking my nails down your arm Turning your wrist over Licking and […]