Dark Spaces

Spiraling down

My mind takes over

Truth versus lies

I can’t keep going

Make things simple

End it all

That helps nothing

Hurts everyone

Darkness overtakes

This hurts so damn much

My chest is hollow

Tears soak my hands and pillow

Can’t I be enough?

Say you’ll come back

Never leave again

Terror grips my mind

I can’t survive without you


Hollow eyes

Seeing without seeing

Dim and grey

Dull sensations

I want to feel again

Something sharp would do

Warm liquid flowing

That won’t save me

Instead I choose

Tears for blood

Warmth not the cut

Barely I hold my head above

The water’s edge



Do I release my grip

Let the depths consume me?

Perhaps hold on in hope

Let love shine on

These dark spaces

Rise above again

I’m reaching out to you

Take my hand?


Don’t let me slip under once more


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