Glimpses of Now

He creeps into my thoughts whenever he pleases My day goes by much as before and yet in he comes and there he is his face before my eyes An overlay of the mundane And then I’m wondering what he’s doing in that moment where his thoughts are if he ever thinks of me and […]


Swimming in a sea of self-loathing and darkness. I scarce can hold my head up: I’m drowning. Overwhelmed. Nothing to hold me afloat; the shore is a distance far from my reach. I’m alone. In this world of chaotic wet. Memories dance before my eyes. Regret holds on to my throat. What-ifs wrap themselves around […]

Just Dreams

Woke up rather lonely Roll over Sigh Cold sheets over there Pull the blankets tighter about my hips Wishing, longing for his arms His breath on my shoulder “….morning..” A kiss Sliding my body closer still to his own Resting Knowing I’m his and he’s mine And we’ve got Thousands more mornings Just like this […]


Rumble of emotion Overwhelmed Distorted Love and loss Tears and nails Torn flesh Tossed Spun around Covered over Wrapped Spilling over Longing, lust Incredibly full Releasing all breath Empty then Rising once more Tugged under again Rag doll in a storm Wet cheeks Silent scream Searing heat of broken bones Flesh ripped away Nearly numb […]


I’m a low-down piece of shit who’s Selfish Prideful Moody Self-absorbed Insatiable Fucked up Dirty Stupid Not worth it At least that’s what I’ve been told Can’t say I disagree on any one point Still It’s hard words to hear Maybe, at least I feel I should warn you about all that Don’t mind the […]

For Him

Satiny ribbon and well-worn leather Bind gently but soundly around my wrists. “I’ll take you and make you mine” he whispered, His warm breath but a soft kiss at my ear. And down to my knees he firmly pushed me: I easily willingly bent for him. Silent and looking up, my eyes implored, “First, what […]