Let Me Dream

Could I lay my head here in your lap For just a while? Let me dream As your fingers pass through my hair I’ll imagine for just a few minutes That you are mine And I am yours That you love me Beyond reasoning That you could never let me go I’ll picture you smiling […]

Fractured Healing

He stood at the window of his cabin his back to her Lost in his own thoughts Tortured by his own dark demons Memories flooded his vision Unbidden Unwanted Unforgotten He stared into the inky blackness beyond the pane A clear sky and moonless night Stars flung from one side of his vision to the […]

Afternoon Walk

Walking through the summer woods, I lose myself in a fantastical magical world. The only way to fully immerse myself is in my natural state. Bare feet sinking in the deep mosses and skirting the many berry patches. The light makes it way feebly through the interlaced branches of spruce and the occasional birch tree. […]

Like You

Like you I walk this world alone Like you I tuck my true self away Like you I hide behind my words Like you I do the best I can Like you I battle daily demons Like you I smile when it rains Like you I cry myself to sleep So maybe we can be […]

The Real Me

Don’t put to much thought into me The real me Into who I really am Don’t read it into my poems Or my fantasies I’m really no one special See, he taught me a long time ago That I wasn’t worth it I wasn’t special I wasn’t smart enough or good enough I was no […]

Sorceress – NSFW

He said I was a sorceress Putting a spell on him In which he couldn’t pull away Even when he wanted to But the fact is, he left anyway So I’ve decided to weave A deeper magic So that when I mention “Moist lips” His heart will race And my “perfect ass” Will cause a […]