Knowing Me (astral alignment)

Knowing me, as I do This won’t happen There’s no special alignment Of stars or planets for me For I am Worthless apparently Not worth a little time or energy Always I try To make the right decisions But they always seem to be Poor in the end I’m haunted By sin and regret Just […]

Masterpiece of Us

I want to write words that paint the most perfect picture One that would show you exactly who I am Who you are What we could be together I want it perfectly drawn what I am without you And then again Who I become when your light is added to my darkness There would be […]

Bound – NSFW

Slap! I was awoken to the sharp sting of a firm hand across my ass. My eyes flew open but it was still dark. Instantly I knew he had tied a strip of fabric across my eyes. The next moment I realized he’d bound my wrists in front of me as well. The slap and […]

Quite Nice – NSFW

Reach across Pull me closer Hands meander Kisses slip Bodies press Suck and lick Nuzzle close Breathe in deep Nip my neck Squeeze my tit Roll me over Spread my thighs Let your fingers dip Lips meet lips Tongues and teeth Hips grind out a pretty beat Expose my throat Bite to leave a mark […]

One Moment

You know me. I don’t ever post photos (except that one time). But today was different. I’m feeling a lot better than I have been. I was able to get down to the beach again, after months of not being able to. The beach is my therapy. My happy place. It’s winter here. The wind […]


Just say the word I’ll pick up my skirts Run far and fast to you Across the mountains Over the ocean I will kick up my heels for you There’s bread in the oven Milk on the table Dishes by the sink Weeds to be pulled Livestock unwatered Beds to be made And yet even […]

The Gift – NSFW

What I want What I need May be the same or similar or different Either way You always know what I should have You’re gifted that way Whether my mouth is open wide Tongue curling Licking and nipping Sucking Swallowing Pushing deep down my throat Or perhaps You sneak in behind me Spread me wide […]