Soulmates. Do they really exist? Or is it some made-up thing that we all really really want to be true, but it’s not a reality. I’ve been polling people about it. Trying to formulate an opinion based on something other than fairy-tale romance or cynicism. The responses have been interesting. Quite interesting indeed. I will […]

Next Steps: Moving On

Over the last few weeks, I have really grown as a person. I don’t say that in conceit, but as a rational mind looking back at myself and my situation even a month ago. My fear – making a huge change in order to free myself from bondage and pursue both personal happiness and make […]

The Eye of the Beholder

Personal value and beauty. Today I’m pondering these things as I had a soul searching conversation with one of my very best and oldest friends. He’s one who doesn’t pull any punches and, at least with me, says it like it is. It’s really awesome and refreshing but he can also say some hard things […]

Contentment or Happiness

Contentment. Happiness. Longing. Lust. I’m mulling over the state of my mind. Trying to root things out. Generally speaking, I consider myself a content person. No matter my situation or location, I always try to keep in mind the positives and not dwell on the negatives. My overall contentment leads to general outward happiness and […]

Finding Myself

I have found through living in this vast state that if I allow myself to lose myself, I end up actually finding my true self. Alaska, with its wide vistas; tall mountains; ample beaches and oceanfront landscapes; diverse wildlife; smoking volcanoes; long summer days and dark winter nights; the auroras; spirited folks with a mind […]


I had an interesting last couple of days. I got out of the house and drove an hour or so to visit some friends. I stopped along the way for some beach therapy and subsequently met up with an old friend. We talked for hours. He is one of my friends where we have always […]

The Loss

Let’s get real. Down and dirty and real. As I write this, I am two days away from the anniversary of the life and death of my baby boy, Jared. This time of year is always emotional and trying for me. I can get quite low at times. I take it day by day, moment […]