Recently I’ve come to realize how brainwashed I really am. Twenty years of being told and shown a certain way of thinking has taken its toll on me.  Continually bombarded with not ever being adequate or fulfilling, learning to walk on eggshells quietly, reminders that my opinion doesn’t matter and that I am always wrong. […]

This is me

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*note: this is a little rough, because I just wrote it. I will come back to it when I have some more time, but I hope you enjoy what I’ve got so far.? I am the monster under my bed I am the voices inside of my head I…


Last night I dreamt you came home I opened my eyes The bed was empty You weren’t there Damn you, dreams Building up false hope Reality is where I need to live ——     ——     —— Dream state: you’re home Reality: I’m alone Dream state: you’re cuddled up beside me Reality: it’s […]

Without You Beside Me

I lay here in our bed Alone But when I close my eyes I imagine your arms around me Your breath on my neck Whispers of love and forever On my hip rests your hand A leg thrown over mine . . . . .     . . . . .     . […]

My Skin

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This Skin, It’s soft, fresh and new. Left untouched to this new world’s stresses. Fragile, in need of constant care. Only my mother knows this skin. This Skin, It stretches as I grow. It ages as the years pass. Still I pay no mind to it. I…


When something seems to be “too good to be true” in my life, I tend to sabotage myself, causing me to ultimately lose that good thing, creating the very same circumstance I was afraid was going to happen in the first place. Perhaps I get the perfect job or the best friend or the lover […]


Soulmates. Do they really exist? Or is it some made-up thing that we all really really want to be true, but it’s not a reality. I’ve been polling people about it. Trying to formulate an opinion based on something other than fairy-tale romance or cynicism. The responses have been interesting. Quite interesting indeed. I will […]