Oh, my love To feel the delicious stretch As you open me up Push deep inside As you dominate and control Taking what you want While satisfying me Breaking me down Rebuilding me with the broken pieces Added with parts of yourself Hold me down, Lover While I hunger and thirst for you Fill me […]

Don’t Let Them

Come on, girl Don’t let them see you’re hurting Don’t let them see The pain in your eyes Smile when you’d rather cry Say you’re okay When you’d rather say you’re dying Don’t look them in the eye Be vague Can’t let them know your anguish Your broken heart Your innermost feelings Cry in the […]

Hopeless Love

I think I fell in love with you It’s impossible It shouldn’t be We are miles and miles apart An ocean even Yet when I think of you My heart soars My lips smile My eyes close as I imagine What could be I know You’re not mine to have But I think my heart […]

What I Want – NSFW

Baby what I want is your hands on my body your mouth tasting every part of me from my soft pink lips to my arching neck from my soft breasts and hard nipples down my ribs across my belly inside my thighs and opening my pussy sucking my clit and spreading me wide I want […]


Laying here with him in my arms The fever overtakes him Yet I continue my embrace Brushing locks from his forehead Encouraging sips of water Murmuring my love Whispering about nothing in particular But in the moment it’s everything Wet hacking coughs wrack his body Still I hold him tight Burning with fever I attempt […]

Fly Away

Pull me into your arms Look deep into my eyes Brush my hair aside Let your fingertips graze my neck Lingering Stroke my throat Before bringing your lips to mine Gently at first Crush, taste, and own me Trace your hands down Along my breasts, my ribs Grip my hips Draw me into you Wrap […]

Nights Gone By

long gone are the mornings when I woke to your voice when I held you in my arms when we floated amongst the stars in our eyes moons have crossed my skies night after night yet I am still here alone without you any longer I thought I had the world I thought I had […]