I Remember Him

I remember his voice in my ear His hand on my hip Fingers gripping me tightly I remember how I came alive Beneath his ministrations How the past faded And a future became possible I remember thinking This can never work God how I wish I was wrong One day he was gone He slipped […]

Vision of the Heart

I saw a dark, poorly-lit room with a cracked cement floor and peeling wallpaper and in the center of the room stood a cage. The cage was like an old-fashioned bird cage. It was covered in layers and layers of dried blood, some fresher than others. Then I saw a heart, like a living human […]


a single beam of moonlight kisses the corner of the bedsheets and you lie there just out of her reach softly snoring while my body is rapidly cooling from the drying sweat and kisses you recently placed across my skin echos of our cries of ecstasy are quietly fading from my hearing I can’t stop […]

Without You Beside Me

I lay here in our bed Alone But when I close my eyes I imagine your arms around me Your breath on my neck Whispers of love and forever On my hip rests your hand A leg thrown over mine If I turn my face Will I see your eyes looking back into mine? Will […]

Irresistible Fire

Oh my Lover My skin burns for you Glances that speak volumes Promises unspoken A simple quirk of your lips I’m ready I know what you want I want it too Lusty hooded eyes Strong firm hands That voice My mouth is watering Thighs quivering mmmmm I want you Now Don’t make me wait I’ll […]

The Ocean’s Daughter

upon the beach below a sandy cliff reclines the body of a woman a temptress a sorceress she lays not lifeless but full of life vitality prowess skill a conjurer of potions and emotions unshakable feelings and thoughts all consuming passions in control but controllable her hair rests about her face and shoulders long and […]

Time Flow

Time It’s all I have any more Tick tick tick tick On it goes Regardless of how I feel Where I am Alone or with you It’s all there is Do I make use of it Or squander it? Either way, on it goes With or without me My eyes close My chin drops Mind […]