One wrong misstep Misplaced word Lost or perhaps unspoken Transformation from angel to… Something else electrifying Terrifying Arms spread wide Fingertips glowing Chin to chest Slowing rising Like a crucified messiah Hair spreading out lifting Energetic aggressive current Kkkkzzzapping Pops snaps Eyes widening Jaw drops Released cloudburst of energy Bright screams Blue light radiates out […]

The Chair – NSFW

While he peacefully slept, I quietly placed a chair next to the bed, just out of reach. I primped and preened, donned the satiny black teddie, sans thong, and got into position. I straddled the chair, facing away from him, my long curls flowing down my back, I looked over my shoulder and called out […]

The Tease – A NSFW Collaboration

When you’re looking for something down and dirty, look no further than Simon’s sexy erotica over at Passionate Liasons. Always good for some lusty, forbidden sex, I had hoped that we could pull off a little steamy interlude together. Turns out we mashed a couple out back to back. You can read the other one […]

Brain Infection

Dripping tar slid from glassy blues Sliding down unwashed cheeks Radiating infection as it goes Oozing Draining Permeating Filling the cracks and crevices That life had hollowed out With salt-flavored goo Covering over Spreading Pull away quick Don’t touch or you’ll get it too Eyes down Lungs dry Deep wracking breaths Shudder and sigh Desecration […]

I Don’t Want Much, Really

Here’s the thing. I just want to walk barefoot in the mud and let my hair stay messy and tangled and feel the sun kiss my skin. I just want to dance when the beat’s right and the mood hits. I just want to write shitty poetry or love stories or dark shit that doesn’t […]


Shattered mirror Reflecting a thousand images Each one as distorted as the next Sharp edges Jagged Bits and pieces Incomplete Yet…. Still I stare at one Or another Just a little shard Hoping to see the whole me ©️tara caribou – 2018