god Lover. You’re all I think about. I have visions of you here in my bed. Of your hands on me, your lips on mine, our bodies moving together. I can hear your glorious laughter in my ear; I could listen to you laugh every day of my life and it wouldn’t be enough. I […]

Unspoken Words

I did exactly what I set out not to do I gave my heart to another What started as a chance meeting Turned into an easy conversation Which became texts and more texts Texts turned to phone calls We had a meeting of minds Kindred spirits But when I looked back I suddenly realized I […]

Punished part 2 – NSFW

The wait for him to return was agonizing. I was so turned on, but I hate waiting too. I heard movement behind me and there it was, the sharp sting of his hand on my ass. Once, twice, and again. Each hit harder than the previous. I moaned. “You were bad today,” he reminded me […]

Long Gone – NSFW

Last night we made passionate hair-pulling, ass-spanking, name-screaming love. I guess I should’ve seen the end coming. I was ravenous, uncontrollable, greedy, voracious. I mean, we’d fucked that morning, and again somewhere around lunch (when I craved a delicious snack), then again that night, or maybe the middle of the night. I didn’t exactly look […]

Lines of Love – NSFW

He wrote love upon her skin Using ropes and teeth and hands First he turned her over On her stomach as she lay Fully naked and exposed He lifted her ass and spanked her Again and again and again She cried out in pain She cried out in pleasure Next he took her arms And […]

Use Me

Ravishing My body You pour out All your Self-hatred Doubts And fears Let me Drink you down To build you Back Up Let me Make you Beautiful Once again